Here at Chicago Foot & Ankle we are proud to offer diagnostic foot examinations. You shouldn’t treat abnormalities to your feet at home. Your doctor will evaluate the condition and conduct necessary tests to determine your diagnosis. Early diagnosis will reduce your risk of further complications.

Those with diabetes should also see us annually for a preventative foot exam. During an annual examination, your doctor will do the following:

Take your history
This will include information about your overall health. The doctor will also ask about diabetes, including how you manage it and whether you’ve had any complications from it.

Your doctor may inquire about your smoking habits because smoking can lead to further foot complications, such as problems with circulation and nerve damage.

Conduct a physical exam

This can include a general review of your feet, as well as specific reviews of these aspects of your feet:

  • skin
  • musculoskeletal components
  • vascular system
  • nerves

The results of these tests will help your doctor determine your risk for complications to the feet and develop a course of action.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (773) 925-5700.